Jochen Bens

Fach: Gitarre

Jochen was born sometime in the latter half of the 20th century and so had already missed most of  the landmark developments in popular music. Not being too disheartened by this unfortunate fact,  he plunged eagerly into the archives of pop’s history, starting with 70s rock music and then delving further into the past. Of course, one downside to this was that he eventually had to rediscover the music he should have grown up with in the first place...!

Anyway, at the age of 14, and after his classical guitar teacher had refused to give him any more lessons (perhaps due to young Jochen’s lack of practising...;-)), the first electric guitar made its appearance in the house. A gift from his uncle, this beast from the 60s with a Bigsby tremolo and built-in fuzz (?!) scared the hell out of all the cats and dogs in the neighbourhood (as well as Jochen’s sisters and everybody else unlucky enough to wander within earshot.)

Or maybe it was just the guy playing it!

By this time, he’d already made the decision to become a professional musician but it seemed more important to act like one rather than to actually be one (or, at least, that’s how it was if you wanted to impress the girls...). But, by the age of 19, it was slowly dawning on Jochen that playing his guitar whilst not under the influence of alcohol had a much more beneficial effect on both audience and musician.

In 1994, thanks to a big chunk of good fortune, he was admitted to the ‚Amsterdamse hogeschool for de kunsten/Hilversums conservatorium’, an institution, which was heavily Jazz-oriented. Staying within this rich, musical vein, Jochen was instrumental in forming the Institute’s very first (and last!) death-metal band. They practised once a week to the delight of fellow students (who had a free night, of course) and the concierge, who always joined in for the last song with his vacuum cleaner...

However, to introduce a more serious element into his life, he followed this with  a course in classical guitar, again in the Netherlands (but found that hanging around with classic music students might be a bit TOO serious...)

After finishing his studies, Jochen enjoyed another brush with lady luck. A good friend, with whom he had studied (so it wasn’t exclusively for nuts!) was in touch with a blues singer named Tommy Schneller. He needed a guitarist  and, although Jochen had never played the Blues before, he had a little PA, a car.....and all the others who auditioned were worse than him...and what a surprise:

Blues rules!

After playing for a couple of of years in Schneller’s band (CD ‚A heartbeat away’/inakustik) he joined Michael van Merwyk and Bluesoul in 2011.

Nowadays, Jochen splits his time between  playing musicals (currently‚Rocky’/TUI Operettenhaus, Hamburg), working for a German guitar magazine (‚Guitar’), or being booked as a tour musician (e.g.‚Abbamania’, Mike Krüger, ‚Best of Musical Gala’, Jon Flemming Olsen). He also works in his own studio ‚Skinny Joe’s Roof’, where, among others, the latest Michael van Merwyk CD was recorded.

Discography, Bands and Tours:

1997 first CD with own band ‚Sugar Candy Mountain'
since 2000 Teacher for different local music schools
2001-2007 Comedy-Duo Bo Doerek from Hamburg, Germany
2001-2009 Tommy Schneller Band (, CD ‘A heartbeat away’, inakustik
since 2001 Guitars in various musicals, currently steady engagement at ‚Rocky’, Operettenhaus/Hamburg/Germany
2005 Virtual Guitarist 2/Steinberg (acoustic guitars)
2006/2007+2011 ABBA-Mania Tour
2009-2013 Big Daddy Wilson, Duo/Trio/Band
2010 Best of Musical Gala Tour, Stage Entertainment
since 2010 Workshops/Transcriptions for german guitar magazin ‚Guitar’
2010 Tour with Big Daddy Wilson & Eric Bibb
2010 Winner ‚German Blues Challenge’ with Big Daddy Wilson
2011 CD ‚Thumb a Ride’, Big Daddy Wilson, RUF Records
2011 Mike Krüger und die Macher Tour+CD
2011 Winner ‚German Blues Challenge’ with Michael van Merwyk and Bluesoul
2011 Substitute teacher at Universität Flensburg
2012 Best of Musical Gala Tour, Stage Entertainment
2012 CD ‚New Road’, Michael van Merwyk and Bluesoul (
2013 2nd Place 'International Blues Challenge', Memphis/TN, Michael van Merwyk and Bluesoul
since 2013 Teacher at 'Pop Institute', Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover
since 2014 Jon Flemming Olsen

coming soon

New CD Michael van Merwyk and Bluesoul 'Ease my Pain'
Virtual Guitar Player by Reason
EP 'Mad Diary', rec (gits), mix

CD Productions at ‚Skinny Joe’s Roof Studio’

2006 ‚Bluesnightband live’, Bluesnightband (rec, mix)
2006 ‚Runaround G’, Mr.G and his Billy Boys (rec, mix)
2007 ‚Water in the yard’, Double Joe (git, bs, rec, mix)
2007 ‚Funk Groove Session’, Boris Ehlers and friends (git, rec, mix, mst)
2008 ‚In the kitchen’, Five live (mix)
2011 ‚Thumb a Ride’, Big Daddy Wilson (git, bs, rec, mix)
2011  EP ‚games’, International Buildings (mix, mst)
2012 ‚New Road’, Michael van Merwyk and Bluesoul (git, rec, mix)
2014 ,Ease my Pain', Michael van Merwyk and Bluesoul (git, rec, mix, mst)


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